Thursday, August 20, 2015

Video for Mr. Wu Bao-Chun Bread teaching use Spiral Mixer CM-50E

Share YouTube video for Mr. Wu Pao-Chun “Fermented Glutinous Rice and Dried Longan Bread”teaching use is our CHANMAG CM-50E Spiral Mixers, Fermented Glutinous Rice and Dried Longan Bread" process that is complex, natural flavor is worth try it!

分享YouTube影片吳寶春先生親自教學“酒釀桂圓麵包”,使用是我們銓麥 CM-50E螺旋攪拌機,酒釀桂圓麵包製作過程雖然複雜,但自然風味是值得一試!

[Chanmag MarCom editing]

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