Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Chanmag recommend you great Electric Oven Design

Energy Saving Oven with Uniform & Even Baking Result

銓麥烘焙機械觸控式電烤爐 節能環保

台灣引領生產製造烘焙機械先驅者銓麥企業,研發具備節能環保的觸控式電烤爐(ECD系列),可烘烤可頌、丹麥、吐司、歐包及西點, 中式糕點等品項,廣泛運用於麵包店面、烘焙教學教室與中央廚房工廠目前一之軒、米塔、哈肯鋪、布列德品穀奇享來來等知名烘焙麵包店皆是愛用者;該產品也外銷至中國, 並受到上海僑興、卡米拉及蚌阜老約翰麵包坊的青睞。

CHANMAG’s ECD series Electric Deck Oven is suitable for Bakery shop, Baking Classroom and Laboratory. With practical and easy operation process; it is mainly used to bake Croissants, Danish, European bread, Toast, and Puff pastry.

ECD series is Electric-heated Oven type that comes with auto-heating control; when the set temperature had been reached, this oven will automatically stop overheat & maintain a constant proper temperature. The Digital control panel allows you to adjust flame size according to your heating needs, to achieve energy saving and electricity efficiency. Timing function to set remind baking time; furnace lighting to check baking status.

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