Tuesday, September 25, 2018

CHANMAG thanks visiting us at iba Munich 2018

Thanks to all participants for the friendly and exciting exchange!

Our innovations and highlights for the show was the Bakery Machine for the CM-MT160S Twin Twist Mixer with Removable Bowl, CM-200AD Spiral Mixer (Digital Control Panel), CM-DE6 Auto Dough Divider, CM-A30A Auto Dough Divider Rounder, products that will be available.


For more information, please contact sales team. www.chanmag.com.tw
See you next time exhibit 2021 Sep. 

銓麥感謝所有支持銓麥的朋友們蒞臨iba 2018德國慕尼克國際烘焙展攤位,歡迎接洽我們這次展出的烘焙機械產品, 我們期待著2021年與您再次見面。


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