Monday, December 14, 2020

Dough Moulder machineEspecially for sticky dough which contains high percentage of water, sugar, margarine

#Dough_Moulder is of the mini-desktops, suitable for bakery, baking laboratory such as sweet bread, toast bread, cream bread, salad bread and other dough use. Built the two sets modeling pressure roller, base on the modeling pressure need dough thickness or the users’ demands can change modes for single pressed dough or roll the dough after molding.




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#麵團整形機 CM-246 (迷你型), 適用在各種樣式的麵包整型,
特別是東方黏性麵團 #甜麵包、#吐司 之整形使用,
可依需求選擇單純 #整壓成麵皮 或是 #整壓後捲塑型 兩種模式。 


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