Thursday, January 7, 2021

Baking Production Line 自動化生產

The main feature of our production line is capable to coordinate market  demands & changing, to adjust productivity and suitable for various  bread products making to achieve the goal of new business opportunity.
Bread/Toast Production Line: 30~400 g/pc, 3000 pc/hr
Hamburger Bun Production Line: 30~400 g/pc, 4100pc/hr
Hot Dog Bread Production Line: 30~150 g/pc, 4000 pc/hr
Breadcrumb Production Line: 200~1000 Kg/hr


 一年之計在於春 一生之計在於勤
您的擔心, 我們看到了, 讓您放心吃的安心
#自動化生產 相對是較值得信賴的安全烘焙
因為這次疫情關係, 大家更關心衛生問題
有沒有戴口罩? 有沒有載手套?…等等的擔心因素...

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