Tuesday, September 22, 2015

CHANMAG thank you for visiting us at ibc 2015 in Munich

Thank you for stopping by our booth and checking out all that CHANMAG has to offer!
Our newest innovation for the show was the Bread Slicer, Twin Twist Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Auto/Semi-Auto Dough Divider & Rounder and Volumetric DoughDivider combined Rounder products that will be available.

Next time exhibit: 2018 Sep. 15 - 20
銓麥感謝您的參觀我們於2015 iba德國慕尼黑的國際烘焙展攤位
下次展出時間: 2018915 - 20

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bread Cutting Machine for bakery use - CM-SL400

Quickly, Easily, and Safety!
CM-SL400 Bread Slicer is design fast slicing, saving time and improve safety.
[Chanmag Video] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhONDGlwCEM

快速! 方便! 安全!
CM-SL400 適合於麵包切片的加工製程,客戶可依需求調整切片厚度製作;集中式麵包屑設計,提高工作區域的清潔。

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Twin twist mixer with removable bowl for CM-MT160

[Chanmag Video] CM-MT160 Twin twist mixer is design, saving nearly half mixing time than same capacity spiral mixer. With scraper, help make all material more uniform and concentration. Fit be using in bread or cookie production mixing.

CM-MT160 雙扭轉鉤離缸式攪拌機, 雙扭轉攪拌鉤設計,比一般同容量的螺旋式攪拌機節省近一半的攪拌時間,加快完成速度! 攪拌缸可分離便於配合生產操作需求使用。

Monday, September 14, 2015

Semi-Automatic Dough Divider & Rounder Video (CM-30A)

CM-30A Semi-Automatic Dough Divider & Rounder is for Bakery or Factory application. Simple and Fast operation, Easy adjust rounder diameter on demand. The weight of each dividing is very accurate. To add bigger rounder diameter, with faster rounding speed, and good rounding performance. http://www.chanmag.com.tw/products_info_e.php…
[ CHANMAG Video ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awl6NKEp5KQ

CM-30A 半自動分割滾圓機具平均且極佳的分割滾圓效果,對於生產甜麵包與漢堡包等需要高度滾圓效果的麵糰,節省人力所需也節少操作時間。適合烘焙實驗室與麵包店之生產的需求。


Friday, September 11, 2015

Share the CHANMAG booth layout and our will showcase products at iba 2015

First teaser ! Share the CHANMAG booth layout and our will showcase products at iba 2015 in Munich during Sep. 12th - 17th,
Hall A1,
Booth no. 326

德國iba 2015展倒數一天!
搶先看! 我們用心的攤位設計及創新的產品, 期待您的光臨!