Monday, June 26, 2017

銓麥智能觸控式螺旋攪拌機 榮獲智慧機械產品競賽優等獎

CHANMAG Bakery Machine Spiral Mixer won the Wisdom Machinery Product Excellence Award
CM-200AD Spiral Mixer with Digital Control Panel

銓麥企業總經理 羅勝德表示,智能觸控式螺旋攪拌機可滿足一機多功能的特性,可製作麵包、貝果、比薩和法國麵包等各式麵團。在技術面以節能改變傳統攪拌機設計概念,透過離缸式及攪拌鈎,可拆卸式油壓系統的設計,可確保攪拌精確以減少耗能,大幅提升攪拌能源使用效率,符合連續生產線的應用。


The Baking machinery leading company CHANMAG Bakery machine Co., Ltd., in the 2017 FOODTECH Taipei Exhibition Nangang Exhibition hall, with their innovative  Intelligent Digital Control Panel” system Spiral Mixer, won the "Wisdom Machinery Product competition" Award of 2017 food and pharmaceutical machinery of Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau; the product is stressed to meet food safety requirements, the quality also reaches worldwide level.

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食品暨製藥機械, 智慧機械產品競賽

Saturday, June 3, 2017

CHANMAG invitation you join us at 2017 Food Taipei 台北國際食機械展

CHANMAG invitation you join us at #Food Taipei 2017
銓麥誠摯地邀請您拜訪我們 #台北國際食品加工設備暨製藥機械展
#南港展覽館L區, #L0818

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CHANMAG thank you visiting us at THAIFEX 2017 泰國國際食品展

2017 #THAIFEX #泰國國際食品展
The 14th THAIFEX – World of Food Asia Show
Date: 2017-5-31(三) ~2017-6-3 (六)
#Booth no.: #UU01

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