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CHANMAG is Your Reliable Partner in Bakery

CHANMAG accompanies you to experience the big and small moments of baking life.
As a local baking machinery brand for more than 40 years,
We will bring you the best baking experience;
Meet all the process needs of your original intention from flour to bread,
Each stage is carefully checked by us,
Create more value for your production line and bakery.
Through our customized planning and adaptive matching equipment,
We hope to work with you to upgrade the baking process,
Bring a successful and rich life to your baking business.












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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Bakery Machine 銓麥麵包店專用烘焙機器

CHANMAG Supports You to Start a Successful Bakery
We customize and tailors specific bakery to planning and designing to meet the demand of each customer. #BakeryPlanning
#BakeryEquipmentSupplier 🎞


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創業圓夢 🍞🥖🥐 #麵包店規劃 滿足你展店需求
我們專研製造麵包店用的 #烘焙機器設備
以專業 #烘焙顧問 的角色,
我們將協助您 💪
#規劃場地動線 #建立烘焙產品資料庫
#指導烘焙技能 #建議您適合的機器
以提升產能 幫助你展店順利。

Bakery machine | Mixer | Dough Divider Rounder | Dough Moulder | Baking Oven | Sheeter | Bread Slicer | Your reliable partner in bakery | Chanmag Designing & Planning for Bakery Whole Plant Equipment 

銓麥企業股份有限公司, 我們是一家專業製造生產 #烘焙機械 為主, 食品攪拌機, 半/全自動分割滾圓機, 連續式麵團整型機, 中間醱酵箱, 丹麥壓麵機, 最後醱酵箱, 烤爐, 麵包/吐司切片機, 麵包/吐司/漢堡生產線, 熱狗/麵包屑生產線, 蛋糕/餅乾生產線等。 更多產品訊息請參閱官方網站 或社群平台寄mail給我們, 海外也可連絡分公司或當地的經銷商; 在泰國、印尼和緬甸設有分公司,您可洽詢我們的銷售團隊。 


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Thursday, April 7, 2022

Taiwan Turnkey Project Assn. visit CHANMAG Bakery Machine factory

CHANAMG Bakery Machinery had put our efforts right into the preparation to welcome the visitors from Turnkey Project Assn as soon as we return from the Taipei Int'l Bakery Show. In addition to the chairman and members of Turnkey Project Assn, the chairman of the Tainan Smart IoT Industry Development Association, and the major suppliers of the Whole plant industry chain put this occasion on their schedule, indicating value the Whole plant industry regards CHANMAG Bakery Machinery.

We arranged the cloud factory product showroom and factory tour. First of all, the introduction is guided by the slogan of the poster in the product exhibition room "CHANMAG finds a channel for baking machinery, a time tunnel to the Metaverse" "CHANMAG Cloud Virtual Factory Showroom"; as the name implies, it means that you can view products anytime and anywhere on the Internet cloud. Not affected by distance, space and time constraints!

Now you can scan the QR Code to enter the cloud virtual factory and experience the interactive experience on your mobile phone.


 1. Bakery Factory Production Line
Bread, Toast, hamburger, Hot Dog, Bread Crumbs, Cake Biscuits, etc., complete baking production line planning and design. Taiwan's breakfast stores consume an average of 500,000 loaves of toast per day, and 80% of these toasts are made with equipment from CHANMAG Toast Production Line, and CHANMAG also offers the complete baking solution.

2. Bakery Planning
We customize and tailors specific bakery to planning and designing to meet the demand of each customer. Depending on the local culture, taste, and market and will assist you combine the Hardware Devices & Software Technology Research and guidance to enhance Baking Skills.

3. Successful Case
  - Production Line: China Food Group, Saudi Arabia, Thailand
  - Factory planning: photos of actual installation
  - Store planning: Indonesian bakery demonstration store, Vietnam teaching store, Malaysian bakery store, Vietnam bakery chain store

We actively promote the baking production process, and develop new baking skills with hardware equipment combined with software technology.

Anytime you can reach CHANMAG with your inquiries

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